The Seedarhouse Greenhouse

6ft x 8ft seedarhouse greenhouse

6ft x 8ft Seedarhouse manufactured from Western Red Cedar. With toughened safety glass and maintenance free roof £2495 inc vat delivered


The framework is of the Seedarhouse greenhouse constructed entirely from Western Red Cedar (“Thuja Plicata”) which produces natural oils that act as preservatives to protect the wood from insect attacks and decay. Beauty aside, the Western Red Cedar’s practicality and cellular structure creates air spaces that give it an insulation value higher than most woods. Buildings which feature cedar panels tend to stay warmer in the winter. The Seedarhouse has manually operated roof vents allow ventilation around the greenhouse to keep it cooler in the summer.

The Seedarhouse is exclusively a glass to the ground greenhouse which gives you extra light and is ideal when you need growth from ground level for example tomato plants and peppers. Careful consideration is given to every aspect, resulting in a superb and high-quality timber greenhouse.

The Seedarhouse – Cedar Wooden Greenhouse

Delivery lead time for this product is typically 8 -12 weeks.

HAND MADE IN THE UK Take a look at our Staffordshire workshops!

  • 100% WESTERN RED CEDAR CONSTRUCTION (Grade 2 Clear & Better)
  • WINDOW SECTION – A STRONG 2″ x 2″(44mm x 44mm)
  • ROOF SECTION A STRONG 2″ x 2″ (44mm x 44mm)
  • EAVES HEIGHT Range from 5ft 6″
  • GLASS TO GROUND FULL SHEET GLAZING – 22″ WIDE 4mm English toughened safety glass (BS 6206 – Class A)
  • SLIDING DOOR SIZE – 26″ (650mm) x 6ft 3″
  • ALUMINIUM RIDGE – YES as standard
  • LARGE 4″ GUTTERING AND DOWNPIPE- YES as standard on both sides

More Features of this greenhouse included as standard

  • Wester Red Cedar Framwork
    Low maintenance

  • 1 x Louvre vent as standard
    Increased ventilation

  • Manual roof vents
    Increased greenhouse ventilation

  • Sliding door
    Easy access with a low threshold

An interactive picture showing the features of a Seedarhouse

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The seedarhouse greenhouses is the basic range of greenhouse manufactured by Woodpecker Joinery. The greenhouse matches the typical Woodepcker standards of wooden greenhouse design and still handmade from 'Western Red Cedar' PEFC certified wood. This greenhouse is delivered in pre assembled peices of framework for simple self assembly and designed to be dependable in high winds. The seedarhouse comes standard with a fully vented ridge, louvre window for extra ventilation and low aluminium foundation. A glass to ground greenhouse, fitted with 4 mm thick safety glass.

Prices above are inclusive of 20% VAT, DELIVERY  in mainland UK

Delivery lead time for this product is typically 8 -12 weeks.

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