Greenhouse Optional Extras Available

Additional roof vent, louvre or casement window

  • Extra Auto Vent installed into Cedar Timber Greenhouses

    Roof vent with Auto Bayliss

    Bayliss Autovents have the lowest failure rates in the industry and are manufactured to last. Each autovent is guaranteed for two years against faulty manufacture. They work on solar power only, using no other source of energy.
    They are made to last. Aluminium, stainless steel and brass together with a small volume of wax and plastics are used in their manufacture.

    £100.00 each

  • Five Blade Louvre for Cedar Greenhouse

    Six blade louvre with aluminium frame

    Louvre vents can be installed in addition to roof vents to increase air circulation within the greenhouse. Hot air escaping from the greenhouse through the roof vents forces air to travel in through the louvre. The airflow through the louvre vent can be regulated by the angle of the louvre blades, thus allowing further control over the airflow and increased control over the greenhouse growing conditions. The louvre vent is set in an aluminium powder coated frame and so protected from rust and corrosion.

    £100.00 each

  • Casement windows for timber greenhouses

    Casement window with black antique stay and hinges

    An alternative to louvre vents is to install casement windows. The casement window is aesthetically more fitting with a traditional greenhouse design, but is not as secure or as effective at creating air circulation as a louvre window. Casement windows are fitted with a window stay and matching marine grade stainless steel hinges. The stay allows the window to be opened to three different positions.

    £100.00 each

Stable Door Modification – £265

Stable Door fitted in a western red cedar greenhouse

A split stable door will allow ample airflow to circulate around the greenhouse and create more comfortable conditions if working within the greenhouse in the summer sun. The lower half of the door restricts any pets or pests from entering the greenhouse. A single door can be upgraded to a stable door at a cost of £265.

Relocating a Single or double door in the greenhouse long side

Bromley Cedar Greenhouse with Double doors in longside

A double or single door can be installed to any rectangular greenhouse to improve accessibility or suit a garden layout. The cost is roughly 10% of the cost of the greenhouse to account for the extra material required to raise the greenhouse eaves from 5ft 6″ to 6ft 6″. Please contact our office for an accurate estimate. If you wish to go beyond a single standard door, each additional single door costs £265.00 and a set of double doors £525.00. Please note this greenhouse design requires 6ft 6″ eaves and subsequently will increase the ridge height of the greenhouse too.

Double doors installed into greenhouse gable – £265

Cedar greenhouse double doors in gable

Double doors can replace a single door in any greenhouse gable and create a great visual feature. The double doors also improve accessibility for wheelbarrows, tools and garden machinery. Replacing a single door with a pair of double doors in the gable costs an extra £265.00. To install a set of double doors in a blank gable costs £525.

Greenhouse Partition

12ft Wide Greenhouse Partition

An internal partition can be installed into any Bespoke , free standing Bromley, Kings Bromley or Kingsbury greenhouse. A greenhouse partition is perfect if you wish to grow a range of plants that require two different atmospheres and climates.The partition can be designed with or without a door. A list of prices for a partition of each width can be seen below.

Partition Width Additional Cost

  • 6ft Wide Partition
  • 8ft Wide Partition
  • 10ft Wide Partition
  • 12ft Wide Partition

Flat Porch

Cedar Greenhouse with Flat Flush Porch

A flat porch can be installed to any bespoke greenhouse, free standing Bromley, Kings Bromley and Kingsbury for approx £2725.00. Please note this greenhouse design allows you to have single or double door in the long side (non gable end of the greenhouse) without having to have 6ft 6″ eaves and a taller ridge.

For more information on this option and prices, visit our Porch page

Protruding Porch – from £3,395

Cedar Greenhouse with Protruding Porch

A protruding porch can be installed to any bespoke greenhouse, free standing Bromley, Kings Bromley and Kingsbury.

For more information on this option and prices, visit our Porch page

Arched window decoration – £32 per window

Cedar greenhouse with arched window

Arched windows can be applied to any Woodpecker greenhouse. Arches are perfect for matching the greenhouse style with any other features in your garden landscape. The decorative arches can be installed at a cost of £30 per window.

Gothic Style Door Feature – £750 per door

Greenhouse arched gothic styled door

Our hand crafted Gothic styled door feature can be added to any Woodpecker greenhouse. This feature is included as standard within our heritage greenhouse collection. The decorative feature can be installed at a cost of £525 per window.