Commercial greenhouses at Woodpecker Joinery

We pride ourselves in having the resources available to complete near any bespoke joinery project – any scale or any size.

By managing everything in-house, we ensure that all design detail is professionally managed and that deadlines are kept to. We have an experienced background in commercial greenhouses, with many buildings varying greatly in specification.

26ft x 56ft Western Red Cedar twin gable commercial greenhouse

26ft x 56ft Western Red Cedar twin gable commercial greenhouse fitted at Ashwood Nurseries, West Midlands.

We have completed commissions on architectural tenders,  artistic concept designs and replacement of cedar structures which are both complex and completely bespoke in nature.

    Woodpecker Joinery can offer the following commercial greenhouse features:

  • Design and manufacture of manual vent opening systems
  • Polycarbonate greenhouse glazing
  • Structural reinforcing metal-work
  • Frosted or Satin glass options
  • Commercial louvre air management systems
  • Power Sockets and Lighting
  • Bespoke greenhouse fitted at Winterbourne Botanical Gardens, Birmingham

  • Bromley greenhouse fitted at Beacon Park, Lichfield, Staffordshire

  • 100ft x 15ft timber commercial greenhouse

    Lean-to greenhouse 100ft x 15ft fitted with a 16ft wide porch

  • Greenhouse Maintinance Free Roof System

    Maintenance free roof system can be powder coated to match any colour requirement

    Woodpecker design service offers :

  • Detailed design drawings and modeling using Solid Works CAD package
  • Structural Engineering inspected and approved designs on request
  • Knowledge and experience in industrial design and implementation
  • Experience in project management, worldwide export and  large scale installation
  • Electrical installations undertaken by a Stroma Compentent Installer

26ft x 56ft Western Red Cedar twin gable commercial greehouse

Scale sculpture of the Tate Modern gallery

Woodpecker Joinery are registered on the CIS subcontractor of the Construction Industry Scheme. Our PEFC certification means Woodpecker Joinery can offer all greenhouse installations to be manufactured from certified PEFC timber sources. PEFC certification ensures all timbers used in our buildings are sourced with the highest respect for ecological, social and ethical standards.

  • Installation of a twin gable  26ft x 56ft freestanding greenhouse

  • Modular System allows for quick and safe onsite installation