Traditional Bromley Greenhouses with Annexed Potting Shed

  • Shed combo greenhouse

    8ft x 20ft Bromley with annexed shed and contemporary water butts

  • 8ft x 24ft Greenhouse with home office and cedar shingle roof

Short of space, or need storage as well a growing space? Woodpecker joinery has been including shed elements within our customers cedar greenhouses for many years. After receiving so much interest, we have taken the opportunity to showcase our range of different solutions we have offered customers over the years. Each structure has been designed to our customers’ exact specification, to ensure the most practical use of space available in there garden. Our team at Woodpecker Joinery can offer you a full design service. Including 3D sketches to fully describe door placement, roof engineering & partition location. We can manufacture anything to complement your surroundings and make your gardening dreams come true, giving you everything you have ever wanted from a garden building. If you want something out of the ordinary, intricate or something you perhaps thought was not possible – we have the perfect solution.

Cedar shingles make for an excellent lightweight roofing option for a shed. The shingles carry the same self-preserving and insulative properties as the rest of the cedar used in the manufacture of the greenhouse. Each cedar shingle is fixed by stainless steel nails to ensure the roof lasts as long as the greenhouse does! We use the highest quality blue label cedar shingles, which are free from faults and give a perfect finish. Depending on the environment of the greenhouse, we expect a shingle roof to last up to 30 years with good routine maintenance.

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Vaild on Bromley, Kings Bromley, Kingsbury,Vandenburg, Shed Combo, Centaur and Bespoke Greenhouses.

10ft x 20ft Bromley Greenhouse installed in Hampshire including a 10ft x 6ft felt roofed shed. Optional extras include aluminium capping, door in long side and 6 x 3 Cedar Coldframe

The advantages of an Annexed Shed/Greenhouse combination are: Any size and style of building is possible using our Bromley, Kings Bromley, Kingsbury or Bespoke greenhouse frame. Built to your exact specification- door placement, additional doors, shed size, extra windows or partition style. Choice of felt, cedar shingles or rubber roof options. Just let us know what your dream is and we do the rest for you Written quotations available on request.

  • Shed combo greenhouse
  • Shed combo Interior

8ft x 22ft Bromley Greenhouse installed in Hampshire including an 8ft x 4ft felted shed roof. Optional extras include aluminum capping and double doors in long side.

Bromley greenhouse with annexed shed price list

6ft Wide8ft Wide10ft Wide12ft Wide
6ft x 6ft   = £32958ft x 8ft   = £439510ft x 10ft = £549512ft x 12ft = £6995
6ft x 8ft   = £34958ft x 10ft = £489510ft x 12ft = £579512ft x 14ft = £7395
6ft x 10ft = £39958ft x 12ft = £539510ft x 14ft = £629512ft x 16ft = £7695
6ft x 12ft = £43958ft x 14ft = £569510ft x 16ft = £679512ft x 18ft = £8395
6ft x 14ft = £46958ft x 16ft = £599510ft x 18ft = £719512ft x 20ft = £8895
6ft x 16ft = £49958ft x 18ft = £649510ft x 20ft = £759512ft x 22ft = £9395
6ft x 18ft = £54958ft x 20ft = £679510ft x 22ft = £799512ft x 24ft = £9695
6ft x 20ft = £57958ft x 22ft = £749510ft x 24ft = £859512ft x 26ft = £10295
6ft x 22ft = £59958ft x 24ft = £799510ft x 26ft = £889512ft x 28ft = £10995
6ft x 24ft = £62958ft x 26ft = £839510ft x 28ft = £959512ft x 30ft = £11795
6ft x 26ft = £67958ft x 28ft = £889510ft x 30ft = £999512ft x 32ft = £12795

These prices are based on a 50/50 split greenhouse/shed, includes green felt roof, door in a gable and one door in the partition. Prices don’t include cedar shingles or Aluminium capping.

Prices above are inclusive of 20% VAT, DELIVERY and INSTALLATION in mainland UK

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  • 20ft x 20ft with side door
  • Kingsbromley Shed Combo with Kalzip Roof

15ft x 24ft Kings Bromley Greenhouse installed in Cheshire including a 10ft x 15ft aluminum capped shed. Please note – customer arranged installation of the aluminum roof by a separate contractor

Optional Extras To Consider

  • Maintenance Free Roof
    Maintenance Free –No maintenance, or bi-annual preservative treatment is required on the roof timbers of the greenhouse. Increase Greenhouse Lifetime- No rafter or ridge timber exposed on the roof of the greenhouse . Woodpecker Joinery’s unique greenhouse roof capping system, unlike any other greenhouse manufacturer. The system has been designed to perform up to a standard suitable for installation on Conservatory roofs, and to the capacity of securing double glazed glazing units. The design has been specially developed to incorporate a ridge to vent anchoring system which leaves no timber exposed and no requirement for silicones or sealants on the roof, which have limited lifetimes. Once more, as the capping system is designed unique to Woodpecker greenhouses- the implementation of the capping system is discreet and engineered to fit properly with our timber rafters, ridges and roof gable joinery.
    More information
  • Louvres and Side Windows
    Five Blade Louvre for Cedar Greenhouses
    Casement Windows and Louvres aid ventilation in a greenhouse and can be perticuarly useful in the summer to prevent a greenhouse from over heating. Asthetically the casement window is the best choice of additional greenhouse ventilation, however the louvre vent can be more effective. Five Blade Auto Vent £95 each Casement window with black antique stay and hinges £95 each
    Casement windows for timber greenhouses
    Visit our greenhouse modification page
  • Door Hardware
    Upgrade to brass hardware
    Brass door hardware can be offered as an alternative to our standard antique black hardware. The hardware is manufactured by Kirkpatrick in the UK, and due to the advantages of brass alloys, benifits from an enchanced lifetime- perfect for exterior use. Per Single Door £100 each Per Double Door £175 each Per Casement window £55 each
    Casement stay for timber greenhouses
  • Steel or Aluminium Gutter Upgrade
    Upgrade to brass hardware
    As an optional upgrade we offer both the Lindab Steel gutter system and the Alutec Aluminium rain water systems. Both systems come with an extended gaurentee and offered in a range of colours. A cost estimator is available on our Gutter Upgrade page
    Casement stay for timber greenhouses
    Visit our Gutter upgrade page
  • Blinds
    Greenhouse Blinds
    Woodpecker Joinery now offer Bespoke Greenhouse Blinds –
    • Interior fitting to avoid dirt and weather exposure
    • Custom made bespoke blinds to fit any size and shape of greenhouse.
    • ‘Slow-rise’ modular design with addiotnal spring tensioning feature. When closed down, these blinds can be released and will rise independently with minimal effort.
    • Blinds are ready to use after snapping them in place into pre-fitted steel brackets.(Also supplied)
    Solar Blinds for greenhouses
  • Waterbutts
    Chelsea Garden Water Butt
    Save your rainwater discretely and conveniently! Our popular Contemporary Cedar Water butt has the beauty of Western Red Cedar wood and the durability of plastic. making it ideal for the modern eco-friendly gardener. Handmade, it comes with a brass tap near the base and lift-off lid, the inside has a specially moulded durable HDPE liner to prevent leaks. The cedar butt is available in a 65 gallons & 130 gallon capacity options
    Hampton Contemporary Water Butt
    Visit our Waterbutt page
  • Shed Combo
    Chelsea Garden Water Butt
    Woodpecker Joinery has been including shed elements within our customers’ cedar greenhouses for many years. Each shed and greenhouse combination is designed to our customers’ exact specification. This ensures the most practical use of space available in the garden for both storage and growing. The addition of a shed can be made to any of our buildings.
    Hampton Contemporary Water Butt
    Visit our Shed Combo page