Stramshall Octagonal Greenhouse

8ft 6″ x 6ft 6″ Octagonal Greenhouse is delivered and installed for £2775 inc 20% vat

Stramshall Western Red Cedar Greenhouse 6ft4
The Stramshall Cedar Wooden Greenhouse with double doors as standard

The Stramshall model has two side vents and two roof vents with MK7 Bayliss openers fitted as standard. STAGING is fitted to five bays and high level shelving is fitted to three. The doors can open whichever way you would like. All glazing is 4mm toughened safety glass and the eaves are 6ft 4″ high.

  • ~ Entirely Western Red Cedar construction (Grade 2 Clear & Better)
  • ~ 6ft 4″ Height to Eaves
  • ~ Double Doors
  • ~ Two roof vent and Two side vents
  • ~ Bayliss Mk7 fitted to roof vent
  • ~ Staging and High level shelving
  • ~ 4mm English Toughened Safety Glass
  • ~ Black Rainwater Gutter and downpipe
  • ~ Delivered and Installed by our own fitters
  • ~ Ten year Guarantee
  • Roof Fixing Method

    NEW METHOD OF GLAZING No block to hold glass in place, glass overhangs wood

  • Round Building Vent interior fitted with Bayliss

    ONE AUTOVENT & TWO  SIDE VENTS AS STANDARD Creates ample ventilation for good growing conditions
  • FREE UPGRADE TO CEDAR STAGING Staging fitted on five lower bays, and shelves on three
Cedar Greenhouse with tempered glass and panels

The Stramshall greenhouse is available with cedar panels or a combination of panelling and glass to ground. Cedar panels help to lower heating costs and add character to the overall look of the building. Glass to ground gives you extra light and is ideal when you need growth from ground level.

(Stramshall greenhouse pictured)


Maintainance Free Stramshall Octagonal Greenhouse

Maintenance free roof system now available in a choice of colours! With this system, the glass sits on top of the greenhouse rafters on a rubber gasket and the aluminium secures the glass in place. This leaves no wood on the roof exposed to the elements, making looking after your greenhouse a pleasure, not a chore.

Introductory Offer – £200

Supplied in a slate grey or black finish

(Stramshall greenhouse system pictured)

Round Greenhouse Colour Options

Free Delivery and Installation in Mainland UK

For Greenhouses outside the UK, visit our International Page

***ALL THE ABOVE INSTALLED FOR ONLY £2775 inc 20% vat ***

Sales & Helpline Telephone: 01889 562610

Free Upgrade to Cedar Staging On All Ordered Placed Before 14th May 2018 This is our BUSY PERIOD so order now to get your Greenhouse as soon as possible or a date at your own convenience.

Stramshall greenhouse used as a summerhouse

Stramshall 8ft6″ x 6ft6″ with glass paneled double doors. Stained Clear

Greenhouse Door and Window Furniture Upgrades

Click to enlarge images

Regency Handle


Fleur Handle


Traditional Handle


Victorian Handle


Tudor Handle


Hinge Upgrade


Cabin Hook Upgrade


Casement Stay Upgrade

    • Regency
    • Double Door
    • Bronze £150
    • Pewter £130
    • Brass £215
    • Fleur
    • Double Door
    • Pewter £155
    • Bronze £135
    • Traditional
    • Double Door
    • Bronze £175
    • Bronze £145
    • Victorian
    • Double Door
    • Bronze £155
    • Pewter £135
    • Tudor
    • Double Door
    • Bronze £215
    • Pewter £175
    • Door Hinges
    • Double Door
    • Included in
    • Upgrade
    • Cabin Hook
    • Double Door
    • Included in
    • Upgrade
    • Casement Stay
    • Per Casement
    • Double Door
    • Included in
    • Upgrade

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Stramshall Cedar Greenhouse Base Spec

The above drawing shows the external measurements for the Stramshall Cedar Greenhouse. A plinth base should be built to the exact sizes stated above. For concrete pad and slabbed bases we recommend allowing 50mm extra to the external dimension. Examples of Stramshall Bases on our Base Tips Page

Download Scale Drawing of Base Plan