Product for life

It is important our company offers services beyond only the manufacture and installation of greenhouses. We dont want to be a business that is concentrated only on the key goal of selling more greenhouses. We are already a company which takes sustainability seriously during production of our products, but we want to make sure our product once installed. Once a greenhouse is in its use it should be servicable, adaptable and not a burden on the enviroment to dispose of. By ensuring our greenhouses are designed to be a product for life, standing by a reasonable gaurentee and offering repair and moving services we aim to support our customers as best possible to create minimal enviromental impact.

Specification and product life time

In the construction of our greenhouse we select materials and components which will mean our greenhouse lasts a duration of time.

Product lifetime or product lifespan is the time interval from when a product is sold to when it is discarded.

Every new product produced, distributed, used and disposed of contributes to environmental impacts, including the production of carbon dioxide and other climate warming gases. Producing less products and using existing products differently and for longer, will reduce lifecycle emissions and impacts.

A response to this cycle of production, use and disposal is to produce less stuff and make things last longer. Therefore we make it our goal to produce a greenhouse which has the best life time possible and if something bad happens, it can be economically repaired and not discarded.

Using accoya in our greenhouses means that we can extend the life time of our greenhouses far beyond our origional expectation of a timber greenhouse. When we supplement our design with other enduring mactierals such as glass, aluminium and stainless steel. We continue to explore new timbers, technologies and coats to achive the best greenhouse durability possible.

By extending the lifetime of our products by design and spcifiying the best materials, we reduce waste, such as carbon emissions, across the whole product lifecycle.

Repair Service

Even though we design our greenhouses to last as long as possible, weather and accidents can cause issues along the line. We make our greenhouses in a design which allows any failing compontent to be switched over without too much disruption to the rest of the greenhouse structure. We have a functioning workshop so can provide any legacy parts to match old designs. We can provide a repair service for weather or accidental damage. We have in the past succesfully salavaged greenhouses which have been fire or stom damaged and brought them back into service.

On our online shop, we offer various replacement parts for our greenhouses where customers can purchase components which have shorter lifetimes than the rest ultimate timber/glass structure of the greenhouse. This can include guttering, window openers and door hardware.

Greenhouse extensions or moving house

Sometimes people outgrow their greenhouse and a replacement greenhouse with a bigger foot print may be desired. This may seem like a sensible option but can encourage a perfectly good exisiting greenhouse to go to waste. We are able to provide greenhouse extensions to customers who need more space and or just simply want to modify their exisitng woodpecker greenhouse. We also offer a service to move greenhouses and garden buildings when we have avaialbility through the late autumn and winter. The benifit of our moving service is we can do a little maintenance during the decontruction and new installation of the greenhouse so we can ensure the greenhouse is rebuilt to the standard which will ensure best performance and lifetime.

End of life

Eventually our Woodpecker garden buildings will come to the end of their useful existance. Our greenhouses once deconstructed are simple to recyle in their entirity. Most local authories have recyling facilities for Glass, Timber and Aluminium. Before you consider reclying these parts, woud also ask you to consider if any of the materials used in the construction of the greenhouse have the potential to be repurposed and used again in other projects.