Monterey Greenhouses

25 Year Accoya Guarantee Against Rot

  • Monterey Timber greenhouse manufactured from Accoya Wood

    6ft x 8ft Monterey Accoya greenhouse delivered and installed for £2645 inc Vat

We have been using timber to create our greenhouses for the last 25 years. We strongly believe that wood is the only material that is aesthetically pleasing, practical and sustainable to manufacture greenhouses from. However, as an organic material that is susceptible to its surroundings, wood presents natural challenges when used for exterior applications.

Historically, the only way to overcome these challenges was to choose an exotic timber like Western Red Cedar, which even from sustainable sources is contributing to a slow decline of forests. Cedar’s self-preserving properties offer only a partial solution to the natural challenges that are faced when using wood as a building material.

Using an Accoya timber as an alternative. The Accoya has all of the best characteristics of wood, sourced from sustainable forests, with zero toxicity and provided dimensional stability with a durability that exceeds Western Red Cedar. Accoya becomes the ideal material for manufacturing greenhouses with increased lifetimes and lesser environmental impact.

  • Accoya Monterey Greenhouse House, Clear Stained

    Accoya timber greenhouses comes with a 25 year guarantee against rot

  • Monterey Wooden Greenhouse 6ft x 8ft

    Stainless steel fixings and door hardware.

Accoya® wood has been produced commercially since 2007 and used extensively around the world on a range of exterior applications. It represents a major development in wood technology that has made the consistent supply of durable, dimensionally stable and reliable wood a reality.

Accoya® wood’s performance credentials have been extensively researched and repeatedly demonstrated.Accoya® has properties that exceed those of the world’s best woods yet it is manufactured by modifying wood sourced from well-managed sustainable forests without the introduction of toxins.

Accoya Greenhouse with 25 year garauntee

Accoya® is the ideal wood for exterior woodwork. Its outstanding stability and durability, far exceeds the benefits of traditional hardwood.

Greenhouses are required to be durable and dimensionally stable to harmonise with the glass windows and prevent doors becoming difficult to open and close in bad weather. Accoya® wood meets these criteria and has been successfully used worldwide to create simple or complex designs in a variety of challenging environments.

Greenhouses made in the UK

Our Monterey wooden greenhouse comes with a 25 year structural guarantee against rot

Greenhouse ventilatin design

Fitted with our full length ventilation system

Greenhouse ventilatin design

Fitted with our full length ventilation system

Monterey Accoya Greenhouse Price List 2019    Take 10% off

6ft Wide8ft Wide10ft Wide12ft Wide
6ft x 4ft = £21458ft x 6ft = £264510ft x 8ft = £374512ft x 10ft = £5195
6ft x 6ft = £23758ft x 8ft = £307510ft x 10ft = £422512ft x 12ft = £5675
6ft x 8ft = £26458ft x 10ft = £349510ft x 12ft = £462512ft x 14ft = £6425
6ft x 10ft = £30258ft x 12ft = £427510ft x 14ft = £519512ft x 16ft = £7245
6ft x 12ft = £35258ft x 14ft = £449510ft x 16ft = £547512ft x 18ft = £7395
6ft x 14ft = £37458ft x 16ft = £484510ft x 18ft = £582512ft x 20ft = £7995
6ft x 16ft = £39958ft x 18ft = £532510ft x 20ft = £639512ft x 22ft = £8595
6ft x 18ft = £42758ft x 20ft = £567510ft x 22ft = £679512ft x 24ft = £9225
6ft x 20ft = £46258ft x 22ft = £607510ft x 24ft = £714512ft x 26ft = £9675
6ft x 22ft = £49458ft x 24ft = £669510ft x 26ft = £749512ft x 28ft = £10,395
6ft x 24ft = £59458ft x 26ft = £714510ft x 28ft = £789512ft x 30ft = £10,995

Prices above are inclusive of 20% VAT, DELIVERY and INSTALLATION in mainland UK

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  • Chartley Cedar Greenhouse House, Clear Stained

    One louvre vent as standard

  • Maintenance Free Timber Greenhouse 6ft x 8ft

    Marine grade stainless steel hinges

  • Hothouse Greenhouse 6ft x 8ft

    Adjustable two tier cedar staging

  • Monterey Greenhouse 6ft x 8ft

    Black high capacity rain way gutter

  • Greenhouse with alumnium cladding 6ft x 8ft

    Maintenance Free Roof System as standard

  • Strong Greenhouse 6ft x 8ft delivered in the UK

    Large timber sections for increased strength

  • Monterey Timber greenhouse strong greenhouse built in the uk

    Rear elevation of Monterey Greenhouse with Accoya timber frame. In the 6ft x 8ft model the louvre vent is positioned in the middle of the back gable.

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