Our Range of Round Cedar Greenhouses

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  • Octagonal Cedar Greenhouse 6ft6 x 6ft6 made in the UK


    The Loxley


    The smallest of our wooden octagonal greenhouses we have for sale. Even though the footprint of the building is small, the tall 6ft4″ eaves makes the interior growing space inviting for even the taller person. 6ft 6″ x 6ft 6″ octagonal shaped cedar greenhouse is delivered and installed for


    £3995 £3595 inc. 20% vat.
  • Octagonal Cedar Greenhouse 8ft6 x 6ft6 shaped greenhouse design


    The Stramshall


    The stramshall greenhouse keeps its octagonal shape but its stretched in its width to provide a more accessible smaller greenhouse through its double doors. This modern grow house style offers the practicality of a greenhouse, whilst also offering a beautiful garden focal point. 6ft 6″ x 8ft 6″ Octagonal cedar greenhouse is delivered and installed for
    £4395£3955 inc. 20% vat.

Our Standard Features

  • 4mm Toughened Safety Glass

  • 10 Year Structural Guarantee

  • Free Installation and delivery

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Free Two Tier Cedar Staging

Free Stainless Steel Door Hardware Upgrade

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4mm Thick Toughened Glass

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free coldframe offer

Also included FREE upgrade to Maintenance Free Roof System on Round Buildings

Vaild on Loxley, Stramshall, Dagdale, Bramshall and Hixon Greenhouses. Offer not valid against shed variations

Woodpecker greenhouses at Hamptyon Court Flower Show 2023 Woodpecker greenhouses at Hampton Court Flower Show 2023

  • Decagonal Cedar Greenhouse 8ft3 x 8ft3 wooden greenhouse for small gardens


    The Dagdale


    The dagdale greenhouse is one of the original greenhouses Woodpecker Joinery advertised for sale when we started back in 1994. The 8ft 3″ x 8ft 3″ decagonal cedar greenhouse, provides a large internal working space whilst taking up very little room, is ideal where space is restricted. An elegant round greenhouse and enhancement to any garden at a cost of
    £4875 £4387 inc. 20% vat.
  • Decagonal Cedar Greenhouse 10ft6 x 8ft6 wooden greenhouse for shaped round building


    The Bramshall


    The Bramhall decagonal greenhouse uses our strong timber design to cover a footprint of 8ft 3″ x 10ft 3″. Double doors provide easy access and with seven bays of staging provides ample space for growing plants or propagating seedlings. The Bramshall is our most popular shaped cedar greenhouse. Delivered and installed for


    £5325 £4792 inc 20% vat.

  • large round Cedar Greenhouse 12ft x 10ft wooden greenhouse for garden focal point


    The Stramburg


    The Stramburg greenhouse is our new design which combines the visual interest an octagonal building with the practicality of square edge footprint at the rear of the building. The Stramburg creates a strong focal point of a garden but with optimal growing space through its hybrid design. Available in two sizes a 8ft x 6ft 6″ and 10ft x 8ft 6″ cedar greenhouse with an installed delivered and installed price from

    £4995 £4495 inc 20% vat.

  • large round Cedar Greenhouse 12ft x 10ft wooden greenhouse for garden focal point


    The Hixon


    The Hixon is the newest addition to our round greenhouse range. This shaped greenhouse was designed at the request of a customer who required a modern large capacity growing space but still wished for a greenhouse which complemented the limitations of a smaller garden. 10ft x 12ft 7″ decagonal cedar greenhouse delivered and installed for

    £6445 £5795 inc 20% vat.

Our octagonal and decagonal range of shaped greenhouse has always been a popular choice in our greenhouse range. The taller 6ft4″ eaves of the building create a larger interior space over the equivalent sized traditional greenhouse. Over the last few years, we have continued to develop our round buildings to include a maintenance free roof option and more recently we now include rainwater guttering as a standard feature. As with all our greenhouses, we continue to offer a bespoke service. If you have any requested to modify a building to suit your needs please enquire to our sales team.

HAND MADE IN THE UK Take a look at our Staffordshire workshops!

Standard features of our shaped greenhouses include-

  • ~ Entirely Western Red Cedar construction (Grade 2 Clear & Better)
  • ~ 6ft 4″ Height to Eaves
  • ~ Lockable Door
  • ~ Roof vent and side vents
  • ~ Bayliss Mk 7 fitted to all roof vents
  • ~ Staging and High level shelving
  • ~ 4mm English Toughened Safety Glass
  • ~ Black Rainwater Gutter and downpipe
  • ~ Delivered and Installed by our own fitters
  • ~ Ten year Guarantee