Aluminium Capping for a Maintenance Free Roof

Woodpecker Joinery’s unique greenhouse roof capping system unlike any other greenhouse manufacturer. The system has been designed to perform up to a standard suitable for installation on Conservatory roofs, and to the capacity of securing double glazed glazing units. The design has been specially developed to incorporate a ridge to vent anchoring system which leaves no timber exposed and no requirement for silicones or sealants on the roof, which have limited lifetimes. Once more, as the capping system is designed unique to Woodpecker greenhouses- the implementation of the capping system is discreet and engineered to fit proper with our timber rafters, ridges and roof gable joinery.


  • Our maintenance free roof system in brown.

  • Maintenance free roof system fitted on a Kingsbury Greenhouse.

Benefits of maintenance free roof system

Maintenance Free –No maintenance, or bi-annual preservative treatment is required on the roof timbers of the greenhouse.

Reduced Glass Vibration – Less vibration of glass in high winds, due to the presence of a rubber gasket either side of glass panes.

Increase Greenhouse Lifetime- No rafter or ridge timber exposed on the roof of the greenhouse .

Weathertight –Unique system engineered design creates a weather tight roof – especially recommended for exposed or coastal locations.

Fully Vented Hinges – Fully integrated designed to withstand strong winds and attaches directly to the greenhouse ridge.

Custom Rubber Gasket Seal – Designed to fit exactly to Woodpecker greenhouse timber profiles, and manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 to ensure quality and performance.

Power Coated Finish- Corrosion resistant finish, available in in a range of various colours.

Strong, innovative and unique design – Exclusively designed and manufactured for sole use on Woodpecker greenhouses

Examples of a Bramshall round greenhouse fitted with maintinance free roof

  • Grey maintenance free roof fitted on a Bramshall greenhouse
  • Grey maintenance free roof fitted on a Bramshall greenhouse

How our system works

  • Aluminium Capping Uniform Thickness –  2.5mm –  above industry Standard Aluminium Alloy – 6063T6 Heat treated

Although Cedar Wood is very durable due to its natural oils, and generally requires staining only once every 2-3 years, our aluminium capping (optional with some of our greenhouses) provides a maintenance-free roof for those who wish to avoid climbing to attend their greenhouse. Our specially Woodpecker designed capping leaves no wood on the roof exposed to the elements, making looking after your greenhouse a pleasure, not a chore!


Supplied as standard in Slate Grey

  • Slate Grey – Standard

Also available in four other colours – £200 Supplement

Jet Black
Brown Powder Coated Finish
Holly Bush Green Powder Coating
Pure White

Our aluminium capped roof system is finished with a powder paint coating to ensure the lifetime of our capping system. The standard colour of the maintenance free roof system is slate grey, but other colour alternatives are available for a £200 supplement per order. The range of colours displayed above are common alternatives, but we can offer any other specific colour on enquiry.


How our system works

  • Our unique system is custom designed by Woodpecker to fit our porch valley designs and extended roof spans

    White maintenance free roof system fitted to a 15ft x 100ft lean greenhouse. Our unique system is custom designed by Woodpecker to fit our porch valley designs and extended roof spans.