Meet the Woodpecker Office Team

Our company office is staffed by a small group of individuals, all of whom are highly rated for their passion for creating beautiful and functional greenhouses. We specialise in bespoke Victorian designs and combine this with our devotion to wooden greenhouses.

Through the years have experienced exciting changes in the woodworking and horticulture industry, from the advent of computer-aided design to the changing needs and growing trends of the typical British gardener. We constantly focus our efforts into developing our designs to reflect these advances to create more long-lasting and sustainable greenhouses. We take great pleasure in guiding our customers through the challenges and sharing in the excitement of successfully completing a beautiful and fitting greenhouse for their garden.

With years of garden building manufacturing and installation experience collectively, the Woodpecker Joinery greenhouse and summerhouse team can help you navigate through the various range of greenhouse styles, options, finishes, pricing, and project planning to ensure the perfect match for your requirements. Whether you are looking for a small octagonal greenhouse or a large bespoke glasshouse, we are sure we can design, manufacture and install your perfect building at a realistic price.

Chris and Louise at a flower show

Our Directors

Chris and Louise

Chris and Louise are our company directors and have been since the company was founded in 1994. Chris leads our greenhouse team using his experience in woodwork craft and industry expertise. Chris and Louise represent Woodpecker Joinery at the flower shows and garden festivals we attend. They both travel the country with our showcase of greenhouses and summerhouses, which includes the hard work of building up and dressing the displays. The trade stands they create together achieve critical acclaim, which have also received multiple awards for best trade stand. Chris and Louise also enjoy traveling the world for our international greenhouse installations.

Adam General Manager for timber greenhouses and summerhouses

Adam Smallwood

General Manager

Degree in Applied Psychology

Adam has recently taken on the role of General Manager. Previously Adam was a sales executive and worked on our show stands. Adam has been working full time in the office for just under 6 years but before that he worked in the workshop and on-site part-time from the age of 16 to 21. Adam grew up on a livestock and arable farm in rural Staffordshire. Outside of work he enjoys watching and participating in football, golf, cricket and cycling amongst other sports. He is also a keen reader.  Adam would like to spend more time traveling around Europe and is currently learning French. Adam’s favorite product at Woodpecker is the coldframe.

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Wispa Favourite Biscuit: Custard Creams

Mobile: 07850751601 Email:

James Hancock greenhouse designer and project manager

James Hancock

Design and Product Manager

Manages bespoke products and liaises with clients about designs

Degree in Industrial Design and Technology at Loughborough University

James is the Design and Product Manager for Woodpecker and knows all the greenhouses and sun lounges inside out. James has been working full time in the office for nearly 7 years and before that he used to help in the workshop. James grew up in Beamhurst just outside of Uttoxeter. He likes to play golf, cricket and loves watching sci-fi films. James is chatty, enthusiastic and gregarious. James’s favourite product at Woodpecker is the Heritage.

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Yorkie Favourite Biscuit: Ginger Nuts

Mobile: 07545 333502 Email:

Laurne looks after our greenhouse sales and installations

Lauren Owen

Sales Executive

Lauren has been working at Woodpecker for 4 years. She has been working at the office at Woodpecker making sure customers get the correct quote and setting the directions up on maps so everyone gets to the right place at the right time. When Lauren isn’t working she likes to spend time watching movies and spending her time with her family. She would like to visit New Zealand to visit family. Lauren has a kind and caring personality and she is always happy. She has a Bassett Hound called Bert. Her Favourite product at Woodpecker is the Darwin Sun Lounge.

Favourite biscuit – Double chocolate chip cookie Favourite Chocolate Bar – Toffee Crisp


Jack oversees our coldframes for sale and organises their delivery

Jack Scholes

Sales Executive

Jack has been working at Woodpecker for over a year completing his level 2 Business administration apprenticeship, Jack is now one of our full time Sales Executive. In his spare time Jack likes to watch box sets and visit new places. At Woodpecker, Jack makes sure customers receive their quotation as soon as possible, He is also in charge of the staging and coldframe department. Jack has gained a reputation at Woodpecker for making tea for everyone in the office. Jack’s favourite product is the Monterey Accoya.

Favourite Chocolate bar: Topic Favourite Drink: Diet Coke


CAllum organises our export greenhouses to Europe and beyond

Callum Hirst

Works Manager

Callum has been at Woodpecker for just under a year. He is responsible for manufacturing and packaging our export greenhouses. An experienced and qualified Bench Joiner he is an expert on our woodworking machines. Beyond the workshop, he develops and manages our apprenticeship schemes supporting our new talent. Callum travels to work every day from Buxton, hidden away in the Peak District. He has a keen interest in tools, he was also a member of the band Round in Circles as their bassist.

Favourite Chocolate bar: Curly Wurly Favourite Drink: Lemonade



What you can expect from our team when you order a Greenhouse, Summerhouse or Oceania Lounge

What to expect from our greenhouse and summerhouse design service

Purchasing a new greenhouse seem daunting if it’s something you haven’t done before. How do you select a style or design which complements what you are wishing to grow? What kind of base do you need? What does your budget need to be? The questions can be endless. And while each of our timber greenhouses has their own style or purpose, there are a few basics we’ve outlined for you, including things you can prepare to ensure we can give you the most support with your enquiry. Lauren and Jack in our sales office are usually first to respond to our enquiries with the intent to learn more about your greenhouse requirements. Typically at this point of enquiry it is good to discuss greenhouse sizes and styles.

What kind of greenhouse design support can we offer

We pride ourselves with our in-house garden building design services. Our office has experience in bespoke joinery, industrial design, engineering and electrical installation. Depending on a number of factors including the size of your project and your design needs, we can project manage a large commercial greenhouse installation or make small changes to a small bespoke greenhouse. James our design manager has experience of vintage greenhouse restoration, greenhouse structural design for exceptional weather exposure and greenhouse design to meet planning and listed building requirements.

Depending on what type of greenhouse you select the specification you can select can vary. Generally speaking, our sales team will provide you with a design layout based on our understanding of your needs, our greenhouse knowledge and woodworking expertise. We can go further and make recommendations on door placement, ventilation and shading. In the case of larger bespoke projects, our design team will present greenhouse plans and drawings to confirm our designs and help you to realise your perfect greenhouse.