Three Quarter Span Greenhouses

Western Red Cedar Three Quaterspan fitted by Woodpecker Joinery

10ft x 20ft Three Quarter Span Bespoke Greenhouse fitted with maintenance-free roof and additional 3ft x 12ft Bespoke Coldframe Lids

If you have a wall that may not be high enough to accommodate a traditional lean-to, then a three-quarter span structure may be the right greenhouse for you. The buildings offer improved ventilation due to having roof vents situated on both sides of an offset apex, and are ideal for housing vines and taller plants. A 3/4 span utilises your rear wall and will improve the circulation of heat within the structure, as this wall will absorb the warmth of the sun and then circulate it around the greenhouse for prolonged periods. The unique appearance of these greenhouses will create a stunning feature-point in any garden, complimenting Victorian designs and more contemporary landscapes equally well.

Written quotations available on request.

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Free Side of 22” Tanalised Staging

Free Stainless Steel Door Hardware Upgrade

Free Installation And Delivery To Mainland UK

Free Louvres or Casement Windows

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  • 11 x 30ft Timber Bespoke Three Quater span and toughened glass

    12ft x 24ft Three Quarter Span Bespoke Greenhouse fitted with maintenance free roof, two louvre vents and blinds

Three Quarter Span Cedar Wooden Greenhouses

HAND MADE IN THE UK Take a look at our Staffordshire workshops!

  • Any size and style of building is possible
  • Built to your exact specification (your old wall sizes)
  • Choice of freestanding, 3/4 span or lean-to or anything you can imagine
  • We can modify our buildings to meet listed building status or special planning regulations
  • Just let us know what your dream is and we do the rest for you
  • Written quotations available on request!

Price list for standard sized Three Quarter Span Greenhouses 8ft x 8ft Standard Bespoke Three Quaterspan Greenhouse

  • 6ft x 8ft Bespoke fitted to predefined wall size

  • Free Standing Three Quater Span Greenhouse

    Standard 6ft x 8ft fitted to predefined base sizes

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Three Quater spans built upon walls or to custom sizes are priced upon quotation.

This is our BUSY PERIOD so order now to get your Greenhouse as soon as possible or a date to suit your convenience.

  • Cedar Timber Three Quater Span Greenhouse Installed By Woodpecker

    12ft x 60ft Three Quarter Span Bespoke Greenhouse fitted with maintenance free roof.

  • Replacement three quater span greenhouse

    Bespoke Three quarter Span Replacement 8ft x 24ft Before

  • New Western Red Cedar Three Quater Span Greenhouse

    Bespoke Three quarter Span Replacement 8ft x 24ft After

    • Bespoke three quater span greenhouse

      8ft x18ft Bespoke Three Quarter Span light brown stain installed and delivered for £12,845

New Feature: Aluminium Gutter Upgrade

A new addition to our list of greenhouse optional extras is our custom-designed aluminium gutter system.

The gutter profile style takes inspiration from the ogee profile and provides a high-quality, long-lasting finish for the exterior of our greenhouses.

The colour-matched powder-coated paint finish has a superior level of durability over conventional PVC gutter design and provides a robust guttering system to protect against both installations in coastal areas or places with diverse temperature changes.

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  • Replacement three quater span greenhouse

    Freestanding Three quarter Span 6ft x 10ft

  • New Western Red Cedar Three Quater Span Greenhouse

    Freestanding Three quarter Span interior


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Sales & Helpline 01889 562610 – 7 Days a week

Optional Extras To Consider

  • Maintenance Free Roof
    Maintenance Free –No maintenance, or bi-annual preservative treatment is required on the roof timbers of the greenhouse. Increase Greenhouse Lifetime- No rafter or ridge timber exposed on the roof of the greenhouse . Woodpecker Joinery’s unique greenhouse roof capping system, unlike any other greenhouse manufacturer. The system has been designed to perform up to a standard suitable for installation on Conservatory roofs, and to the capacity of securing double glazed glazing units. The design has been specially developed to incorporate a ridge to vent anchoring system which leaves no timber exposed and no requirement for silicones or sealants on the roof, which have limited lifetimes. Once more, as the capping system is designed unique to Woodpecker greenhouses- the implementation of the capping system is discreet and engineered to fit properly with our timber rafters, ridges and roof gable joinery.
    More information
  • Louvres and Side Windows
    Five Blade Louvre for Cedar Greenhouses
    Casement Windows and Louvres aid ventilation in a greenhouse and can be perticuarly useful in the summer to prevent a greenhouse from over heating. Asthetically the casement window is the best choice of additional greenhouse ventilation, however the louvre vent can be more effective. Five Blade Auto Vent £95 each Casement window with black antique stay and hinges £95 each
    Casement windows for timber greenhouses
    Visit our greenhouse modification page
  • Door Hardware
    Upgrade to brass hardware
    Brass door hardware can be offered as an alternative to our standard antique black hardware. The hardware is manufactured by Kirkpatrick in the UK, and due to the advantages of brass alloys, benifits from an enchanced lifetime- perfect for exterior use. Per Single Door £100 each Per Double Door £175 each Per Casement window £55 each
    Casement stay for timber greenhouses
  • Steel or Aluminium Gutter Upgrade
    Upgrade to brass hardware
    As an optional upgrade we offer both the Lindab Steel gutter system and the Alutec Aluminium rain water systems. Both systems come with an extended gaurentee and offered in a range of colours. A cost estimator is available on our Gutter Upgrade page
    Casement stay for timber greenhouses
    Visit our Gutter upgrade page
  • Blinds
    Greenhouse Blinds
    Woodpecker Joinery now offer Bespoke Greenhouse Blinds –
    • Interior fitting to avoid dirt and weather exposure
    • Custom made bespoke blinds to fit any size and shape of greenhouse.
    • ‘Slow-rise’ modular design with addiotnal spring tensioning feature. When closed down, these blinds can be released and will rise independently with minimal effort.
    • Blinds are ready to use after snapping them in place into pre-fitted steel brackets.(Also supplied)
    Solar Blinds for greenhouses
  • Waterbutts
    Chelsea Garden Water Butt
    Save your rainwater discretely and conveniently! Our popular Contemporary Cedar Water butt has the beauty of Western Red Cedar wood and the durability of plastic. making it ideal for the modern eco-friendly gardener. Handmade, it comes with a brass tap near the base and lift-off lid, the inside has a specially moulded durable HDPE liner to prevent leaks. The cedar butt is available in a 65 gallons & 130 gallon capacity options
    Hampton Contemporary Water Butt
    Visit our Waterbutt page
  • Shed Combo
    Chelsea Garden Water Butt
    Woodpecker Joinery has been including shed elements within our customers’ cedar greenhouses for many years. Each shed and greenhouse combination is designed to our customers’ exact specification. This ensures the most practical use of space available in the garden for both storage and growing. The addition of a shed can be made to any of our buildings.
    Hampton Contemporary Water Butt
    Visit our Shed Combo page

For more information about Greenhouse Bases and Preperation, please visit our Greenhouse Base Tips page.