Greenhouse Guttering Upgrades


Lindab Coated Steel Guttering System

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  • Lindab Guttering Supplier
  • Lindab Guttering Supplier
  • Lindab Guttering Supplier

Lindab Rainline High-Build Polyestercoated products all come with a 15 year guarantee*. As long as installation and warranty conditions have been followed any defects to the coating will be replaced. Competitively priced against leading plastic systems and inexpensive compared with aluminium and cast iron. Coated finishes are UV stable – will not fade or crack. The only maintenance required is an annual wipe or wash down ensuring a long service life. Tests have proven that Rainline steel systems reflect the lowest lifespan impact by minimising the use of raw materials, components, energy, packaging and transport.

Lindab Guttering fitted on a greenhouse

Vandenburg greenhouse fitted with black Lindab rainline guttering


Rainline Steel guttering is available in 5 colours

  • Lindab Guttering Supplier  9011 Black


  • Lindab Guttering Supplier Dark Grey 7011


  • Lindab Guttering Supplier Brown RAL 8019


  • Lindab Guttering Supplier White RAL 9002


  • Lindab Guttering Supplier Pine Green RAL 6020

    Pine Green

Please note these colours may not match our standard range of capping and cresting range. Colours can be matched at an additional cost.

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Alutec Aluminium Guttering System

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  • Alutec Guttering Supplier
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  • Alutec Guttering Supplier

Lightweight, strong and long-lasting Aluminium is a very light metal, about 65% lighter than steel or cast iron. It has a very high strength to weight ratio and excellent corrosion resistance. One of the oldest recorded uses of aluminium is the statue of Eros in London, cast in 1893. Aluminium naturally generates a protective oxide coating. Should the painted surface be damaged, the aluminium simply oxidises to protect itself. Life expectancy of 50 years or more Near zero maintenance, only periodic aesthetic cleaning required Marine grade aluminium – Evolve will outlast other grade aluminium. Durable and strong, made from heavy grade extruded aluminium and high-pressure castings, making Evolve more resistant to damage than steel, roll-form or PVC systems.

Alutec Guttering fitted on a Woodpecker Joinery Greenhouse 

Heritage greenhouse fitted with white Alutec half round evolve gutter.

Our Alutec guttering system is installed colour matched to your greenhouse maintenance free roof and cresting choice.