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Western Red Cedar Coldframes


Coldframes with free delivery


Here at Woodpecker Joinery we are not only renowned for the quality of our greenhouses but also for the strength and durability of our superior ColdFrames which, as any gardener will be aware, is an important addition to extend the gardening season throughout the winter months, start off young seedlings and harden off plants.

Our Tanalised Coldframe is probably amongst the strongest available on the market.  Constructed from 45mm x 45mm framing with 69mm x 44mm opening lids, the timber is tanalised (green) for a long life against rot.  All models come with full length aluminium hinges and handles as standard. Our superior Western Red Cedar Coldframes combines the natural beauty of cedar giving  a quality finishing touch to your garden. We use only the highest quality Western Red Cedar and, as with all of our garden buildings, the coldframe units are created with high precision mortice and tenon joints.

All coldframes have opening tops with a unique hinge system that allows you to remove the lids with just one screw.  Ideal for the summer months. Our new and improved aluminium lid handle ensure longevity and each lid has external supports to allow the tops to be held open and easy access into the coldframe, each lid is fitted with one single sheet of 4mm English toughened safety glass.

Benefits of growing in a cedar coldframe - 

  • Extra warmth in late spring and summer
  • Encourages quicker ripening and a larger crop
  • Useful to propagate plants
  • Protect cuttings and young plants in the autumn
  • A safe location to raise seedlings
  • Shield alpines in the winter



Cedar Coldframe Features: **Now with easy removable lids**

  • Back height- 650mm
  • Panelling- 15mm
  • Lids- 44mm x 69mm
  • Framing- 44mm x 44mm
  • Front height- 375mm
  • Glazing- 4mm Toughened safety glass
  • Hinges- Unique system
  • Colour- Your choice
  • Stay- Fitted on Each Lid



Aluminium Hinges
  • A strong full-length aluminum hinge supports each lid across their full length.


    Aluminum does not rust and is power coated to eliminate any corrosion.


    As the lid is fixed to the coldframe base in multiple locations our coldframe design can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Aluminium Handle
  • The coldframe aluminum handles are strong, robust and resistant to any corrosion.


    The unique handle also reliably holds the toughened safety glass pane in place. The large handle aperture makes for easy access into the coldframe space.


    The aluminum handle will not rot where condensation naturally forms on the underside of the glass meets with the handle fitting and natural water runoff occurs.

Removable Lids
  • Each coldframe lid can be removed independently to allow ample ventilation and reduce the risk of the cold frame interior over-heating.


    The cold frame lid slides horizontally across away from the body of frame. The separate lid then can be stored in a safe place until next required.

Variable Lid Openings
  • Each lid can be set to different opening apertures using a three point stay independent to each lid.


    Having multiple heights of lids aids control over the amount of ventilation into the cold frame, and thus the growing temperature of the coldframe.

Choice of Colours
Avaialble in a choice of 5 stain colours


  • Clear Stain
  • Dark Brown
  • Holly Green
  • Red Cedar
  • Light Brown
Strong Construction
  • Manufactured from low maintenance Western Red Cedar. We use a full size 2"x2" section of timber for the cold frame subframe. Our Cold frames are self-supporting and can withstand high wind. All fixing are stainless steel which resists corrosion and rot.


Free Coldfame Delivery


Cedar Coldframe Sizes:

2ft Wide Coldframes 3ft Wide Coldframes

4ft x 2ft - £365 £50 off = £315 (2 Lids)

5ft x 2ft - £405 £50 off = £355 (2 Lids)

6ft x 2ft - £495 £50 off = £445 (3 Lids)

8ft x 2ft - £645 £50 off = £595 (4 Lids)

Special Offers on Cedar Coldframes

4ft x 3ft - £405 £50 off = £355 (2 Lids)

5ft x 3ft - £445 £50 off = £395 (2 Lids)

6ft x 3ft - £535 £50 off = £485 (3 Lids)

8ft x 3ft - £685 £50 off = £635 (4 Lids)

Prices inc 20% vat, free delivery & assembly into your garden

We offer bespoke service on all our coldframes

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A pair of 4ft x 2ft cedar coldframes

A pair of 2ft x 5ft Western Red Cedar Timber Coldframes fitted with our new aluminium full length handle and hinge.



We also make bespoke coldframe tops that fit to your existing or new wall (as shown below)

  • 12ft x 3ft Bespoke Cedar Coldframes

  • 2 1/2 ft x 12ft Bespoke Cedar Coldframe Stained Red Cedar

  • 2ft x 16ft Bespoke Cedar Coldframe

  • 3ft x 8ft  Bespoke Cedar Coldframe Stained Dark Brown

To enquire about our bespoke Cedar Coldframes please visit our contact us page.