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Western Red Cedar Staging


  • Here at Woodpecker Joinery, we are not only renowned for the quality of our greenhouses but also for the strength and durability of our superior greenhouse staging which, as any gardener will be aware, is an essential addition for the internal growing area.

    As part of our bespoke service, we can offer staging made at custom sizes to complement the interior dimensions of your dwarf wall as an optional extra.

  • Cedar Greenhouse Staging
  • Cedar greenhouse benches


Cedar contains naturally occurring preservatives which means our staging is naturally resistant to rot, which means no chemical treatment is ever required to preserve the product. Our premium cedar staging is assembled using stainless steel fixings through out, which further extends the products life time and removes the possibility of any rust stain marks occurring.

Benefits of our cedar greenhouse staging - 

  • Increased air circulation around plants
  • Provides a suitable working height for potting and planting
  • Lower storage shelf, which can lift out if not required
  • Freestanding, and so can be moved as required
  • Low maintenance
  • No chemical treatments or preservatives

The build quality of our greenhouse staging - 

  • 2" x 2" Frame work
  • 7/8" x 3" Knot free table slats
  • Stainless Steel Fixings
  • Manufactured at our workshop
  • Reinforcing leg corner brackets
  • Designed for easy self assembly


All our prices include a lift out bottom shelf , free UK delivery and VAT

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