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Dagdale Decagon Greenhouses

8ft 3" x 8ft 3" Decagon Greenhouse is delivered and installed for £2745 

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Dagdale Western Red Cedar Greenhouse  6ft4 eaves

An 8ft x 8ft decagonal cedar greenhouse stained clear with 4mm toughened safety glass

8ft 3" x 8ft 3" Decagon Greenhouse is delivered and installed for £2745 inc 20% vat

A popular, stylish and elegant alternative to the traditional wooden greenhouse.

The Dagdale is one of our standard garden buildings. Being decagonal in shape and therefore more circular it offers a larger internal working space than the octagonal design. Ideal for the smaller sized garden to maximize the area taken up by the greenhouse. This model allows for plenty of light making it ideal for starting off young plants.

It is an attractive feature that will enhance your garden all year round.

Available glass to ground or timber panels to staging height. The Dagdale is a high spec greenhouse, which includes many features as standard.




HANDMADE INTHE UK Take a look at our Staffordshire workshops!

  • ~ Entirely Western Red Cedar construction
  • ~ 6ft 4 Height to Eaves
  • ~ 4mm English Toughened Safety Glass
  • ~Black Rainwater Gutter


Cedar Greenhouse with tempered glass and panels

The Dagdale greenhouse is available with cedar panels or a combination of panelling and glass to ground. Cedar panels help to lower heating costs and add character to the overall look of the building. Glass to ground gives you extra light and is ideal when you need growth from ground level.

(Stramshall greenhouse pictured)


Maintainance Free Octagonal Greenhouse

Maintenance free roof system now available in a choice of colours! With this system, the glass sits on top of the greenhouse rafters on a rubber gasket and the aluminium secures the glass in place. This leaves no wood on the roof exposed to the elements, making looking after your greenhouse a pleasure, not a chore.

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Maintenance Free Roof System.

Woodpecker Joinery's unique greenhouse roof capping system, unlike any other greenhouse manufacturer. The system has been designed to perform up to a standard suitable for installation on Conservatory roofs, and to the capacity of securing double glazed glazing units

MAINTENANCE FREE - No maintenance, or bi-annual preservative treatment is required on the roof timbers of the greenhouse.

REDUCED GLASS VIBRATION - Less vibration of glass in high winds, due to the presence of a rubber gasket either side of glass panes.

INCREASED GREENHOUSE LIFETIME - No rafter or ridge point timber exposed on the roof of the greenhouse.

WEATHERTIGHT - Unique system engineered design creates a weather-tight roof - especially recommended for exposed or coastal locations.

FULLY HINGED VENTS - Fully integrated designed to withstand strong winds and attaches directly to the greenhouse framework.

CUSTOM RUBBER GASKET SEAL - Designed to fit exactly to Woodpecker greenhouse timber profiles, and manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 to ensure quality and performance.

POWDER COATED FINISH - Corrosion resistant finish, available in a range of various colours.


 Available in a range of five colours

  • Jet Black
  • Brown Powder Coated Finish Brown (Standard)
  • Slate Grey
  • Holly Bush Green Powder Coating Green
  • Pure White

Our aluminium capped roof system is finished with a powder paint coating to ensure the lifetime of our capping system. The standard colour of the maintenance free roof system is brown, but other colour alternatives are available. The range of colours displayed above are alternatives, offered free of charge. Roof capping colours are matched to the greenhouse cresting and guttering - except our option of green, which is supplied with black guttering.



Introductory Offer - £250 including a choice of colours


More Round Greenhouse Colours Greenhouses

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Ex-Display Special Offers


Optional Round Greenhouse Single Door and Window Furniture Upgrade

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External Dimesnions of Dagdale Cedar Greenhouse Base

The above drawing shows the external measurements for the Stramshall Cedar Greenhouse. A plinth base should be built to the exact sizes stated above. For concrete pad and slabbed bases we recommend allowing 50mm extra to the external dimension. Examples of Stramshall Bases on our Base Tips Page

Download Scale Drawing of Base Plan